Categories of Water Damage

Did you know that water carries many inconspicuous dangers that perhaps are not evident with naked eyes? Let’s say the pipe in your house bursted due to extreme cold, do you know what kind of water damage is that? There are plenty of causes for water damage, and, most importantly, even more variables to assess when it comes to water damages.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) S-500 standards, there are, broadly speaking, three categories describing the type of water involved responsible for building damage.

Category 1: (Clean water)

Clean water refers to flooding from a safe and uncontaminated source of water that usually does not pose any harm when consumed. However, households with pets need to be wary and ensure that the water is not directly consumed by pets.

Some of its potential sources include bursting of pipes, leaky faucets, and water heater shatter.

Categories of Water Damage Santa Clarita

It is imperative to have cleaned it with the help of professional water damage restoration specialists to prevent degrading into category 2.

Category 2: (Grey water)

Grey water is referred to waste water generated from household chores and usually contains some degree of contamination. This particular water is not necessarily clean, but still dangerous. It could cause a specific kind of discomfort or even illness if consumed by humans and pets.

Its potential sources include, but not limited to: dishwasher flooding, overflow of washing machines, flush from kitchen sinks, tub drains, toilets, and so forth.

Category 3: (Black water)

Black water is the most dangerous and highly contaminated water that does contain fecal matter. It may contain toxigenic, pathogenic, and other hazardous agents. The water may or may not carry organic matter, heavy metals, harmful pesticides and silt.

The losses from consuming black water can be hazardous (including death) to both, humans and pets.

Overflow of toilets, sewer backup, rising flood water and stagnant water that supports bacterial and fungal growth are a few of the potential sources of black water.

Make note of:

It doesn’t matter what type of water damage you are personally experiencing, but it is incredibly important to be fully aware of these 3 categories of water damage. Also, remember, each type of water loss can go the next category, if not treated in time. Therefore, it is advisable to consult water damage restoration specialists to understand water damages.

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